Entrepreneurship - 5 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Discovered at the Internet Retailers Conference
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Entrepreneurship – 5 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Discovered at the Internet Retailers Conference

Entrepreneurship - 5 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Discovered at the Internet Retailers Conference

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I attended the 2010 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition at McCormick Place in Chicago from June 8 – June 10, 2010. Although I was there as a member of media, the entrepreneur in me could not resist noticing money-making opportunities to share with others. Especially in this recession. Following are five opportunities I discovered during my three days at the conference.

Business Opportunity 1: Start an Online Business

The purpose of this conference was to provide education, tools and resources for online businesses. Retail sales plunged 7% while internet sales actually increased 2% during these challenges economic times. In fact, ecommerce sales were 18.48% in March 2010.

You can’t really lose by starting an online business. You can start part-time at home with little overhead. But you must have a quality product for the right audience with excellent customer service.

Business Opportunity 2: Become a Service Provider to Online Businesses

Businesses from all over the world attended this conference. Over 400 vendors providing approximately 70 types of business services displayed and discussed their products and services. Some of the services included: web design, credit card protection, internet security, customer service, live chat for online customers, and multi-channel marketing. Visit  to learn more about the opportunities available and how to get started in this industry.

Business Opportunity 3: Become a Service Provider to Conference Organizers

There were complimentary appetizers, alcohol and beverages, massages – chair and feet, and cell phone charging. I know for certain that the massage therapists were independent contractors hired to work the conference.

Business Opportunity 4: Mobile Solutions to Internet Businesses

Most people start their shopping online with mobile phones coming in a close second. Armed with this information, figure out how to make shopping easier for customers; create applications and software for organizations; or …

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Are You Trying to Build a Website or a Business?

Are You Trying to Build a Website or a Business?

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While the title of this article may seem like you are being asked the same thing, the truth of the matter is that you are not. There is a huge difference between trying to build a website and trying to build a business. There are tons of tools available online to help you to build a website. Unfortunately that is where their expertise ends. They do not help you with any of the other steps that you would need to take to turn your website into a profitable business.

If you are new to online businesses you may wonder what else there could be to do other than to build the site. The fact is building a business online is a lot like building a business offline. The biggest differences are the start up costs and the amount of people that you are marketing to. While starting a business online includes some start up costs they are not nearly as expensive as starting a business offline. And since you are reaching out to a customer base that is so much larger than your local area your profit possibilities are multiplied. Using a program like SBI can really help you to take advantage of all of these possibilities.

SBI does not focus on helping you to build a website. It focuses on helping you to build a business. It gives you easy to follow steps whether you are a novice or an expert. With all of the tools that are included and the videos to help you through there is no reason why you cannot succeed at building and marketing your online business. You may still be wondering what the difference in the two really is at this point.

Well the program starts out with helping you to build …

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Online Business Opportunities – What Are Your Options to Earn a Steady Stream of Monthly Income?

Online Business Opportunities - What Are Your Options to Earn a Steady Stream of Monthly Income?

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There are so many online business opportunities that can help you make

1) some extra cents and dollars,

2) a few hundred or thousand dollars,

3) a steady stream of monthly income, or

4) make you rich. Which online business opportunity would you rather have?

Just like in offline business, you need the following to run an online business:

1) knowledge of the business;

2) a product to sell;

3) consumers.

One big difference with offline business is that with online business you have the power to reach the worldwide market almost instantaneously without spending so much on infrastructure and advertising. And with the worldwide market, you can have hundreds or thousands of “foot traffic” into your site without paying for the expensive real estate space rental. That means less investment with higher potential income, either through sales or advertising.

For the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve been a firm believer of online business. I didn’t know how to do the business before but I knew then that the potential is huge.

And just like an offline business, you just have to lay down the right foundation for your business and you will be enjoying a continuous income of a few thousand dollars every month without having to leave the house and work 8 to 10 hours a day.

So, if you’re looking for online business opportunities that will give you a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars a month without the trouble to running an online store, I can suggest a couple here:

1) Make Money through Blogging

Blogging is when you write about a certain topic on your site and people who share the same interest will read your post. How do you make money from blogging? Basically, advertising. Many bloggers who know what …

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Internet Marketing Along with Your Business Tips to Do well
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Internet Marketing Along with Your Business: Tips to Do well

Taking into consideration the increase of e-business and a severe rise in the number of buyers who are switching to the web for shopping advice. It is not wondered that increasingly more businesses are counting on online marketing to operate product sales. Become a member of the very best and the most brilliant by checking out this handpicked variety of web marketing tricks and tips.

In online marketing, excellent advertising is vital. You should know who you’re marketing to and you should know how to get their interest. In case you are marketing excess weight-loss goods, you need to publicize on wellness forums. Similarly, if you’re marketing a game title or personal computer product, try to promote on popular game playing web sites. Advertisements in the completely wrong position are misused dollars and prospective.

When you can admit your internet site is not best, you can efficiently improve it. With the knowledge that your web site will always be a function in progress, will give you the freedom to enhance anytime. No person features an excellent web site, which means that frequent advancement can greatly improve the efficiency of the targeted visitors.

To make sure you are employing the proper products or gives, you ought to test it very first. Give it a try on your own, and have your buddies, loved ones or workers give it a try way too. Seek out honest opinions and reviews. You need to understand that your prospects are folks and might have different requires.

Employing fake customer feedback is a bad idea although utilizing online marketing. It may seem like a wise idea at the time, nevertheless when folks find on and they can capture on, you may not be viewed as a respected firm. Be ready to show that all of your

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Money Saving Ideas for Small Business

As a small business, every sale is important and every penny saved is one that can go into the long-term growth of the business. Keeping a dedicated eye on incoming and outgoings, ensuring they match up and help the other, then, is a vital step you need to take as a business owner. Saving money and new ways to do just that should also be consistently on your list of priorities.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to save money as a small business and ensure you keep your business moving forward moneywise.

Report Everything

Having a dedicated reporting system for all of your incomings and outgoings can be one of the best ways to keep on track of your small business finances. After all, having everything written down in plain black and white is an easy way to determine where money is coming and going from your business. This way you can see any needless expenditure that may be occurring in your business, such as payments you set up a while ago and perhaps forgot about, which actually do nothing for the operation of your business, and you can remove them. Everything should be reported, every expense from stationary all the way to the monthly charge of your chartered surveyors Manchester.

Not only is this type of reporting good for the budgets and expenditure of your business, but it can also be incredibly useful when it comes to filing taxes. As a detailed report of every expense, your business has incurred over the financial year can actually help save you money in terms of taxes.

Buy Second Hand

Computers, technology and other equipment can be important for your business, but they can also be incredibly expensive. If you have multiple staff members or need for …

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