Streetwear with a Difference

Streetwear with a Difference

Streetwear brands are slowly becoming more and more similar, and the repetition of what brands are now offering isn’t very tempting. Unless you can afford the luxury streetwear labels, it might be time to try and find something different offering street that stands out from the rest. Here’s a look at three brands that of offering statement pieces of streetwear.

les girls les boys

A brand known for both streetwear and its men and women’s loungewear options. The brand offers unique designs similar to the luxury brands from around the world, but at a much more desirable price. It has a complete range which includes graphic designs but also the more simple, tasteful garments for every occasion. They use models that are different from a regular brand which helps to highlight les girls les boys alternative style.

Ant Social Social Club

A brand that’s ironic name has helped the brand grow, even if it offers a limited range of product. Anti Social Social Club’s clothing usually provides a twist on the conventional trends, and currently, it is bright neon colours clothing which is becoming a trend with other brands. Because of its rise in demand, the brand continually changes its outrageous style but also keeps its staple pieces in-house for the everyday conventional wearer.


Similar to the previous, FPAR of a regular range of streetwear, but also their collection for anyone looking for more. Forty Percents Against Rights is the full name of the brand, and their statement pieces are used as a canvas to state their current political views with eerie messages. It a brand being constantly talked about and their style highly revolves around skate trends.

Each brand does offer the conventional streetwear you expect to see in stores, but their other range hit unique styles that …

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Tips and Tricks to Starting an Online Fashion Business

Creating a successful online business can be a tough sector to break into, you can have a fantastic idea but just not have the resources to make it successful in an already crowded industry. How can you make your online fashion business an internet success? Here’s a look at four changes you can make to increase traffic, sales and brand awareness.

Tips and Tricks to Starting an Online Fashion Business

1 – Variety

The more products you have available on the website, the more likely users are to make a purchase, or potentially multiple purchases. Having more product pages is also useful for online visibility, as Google reward websites with more content and pages. Once customers have received their purchase, having multiple products increase the chance of a return visit. The majority of new fashion brands start with just 1 or 2 products, it’s always best to invest more and offer a more extensive range, if your a gym apparel brand, offering tracksuits, caps and tees is an ideal start because it also gives users the feeling that the brand has depth, which in turn increases the chance of a purchase.

2 – Online Advertising

A lot of starting businesses don’t realise how affordable online advertising can be, using either Google, Facebook or Instagram. Once you know your target market, you can create a business Facebook advertising account, from here, you can select the exact amount you would like to spend daily on advertising and also who sees the ads. Facebook and Instagram advertising is much more effective because if you a men’s fashion brand, for example, you can select the age group, sex and what they already like to help narrow down who sees the ad and who is more likely to order. It’s an excellent way to start off, even if you don’t receive sales straight …

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The Type of Upholstery Stuffing Through History

In a single week, a regular office worker can spend at least 40 hours in the workplace. That’s why it’s essential for the employer to create a comfortable and safe environment for all employees. You need to make sure that the workplace meets all the requirements in the health and safety code. That way, the staff is working in a habitable, hygienic and safe space free from any hazards and risks. In a single week, a regular office worker can spend at least 40 hours in the workplace. That’s why it’s essential for the employer to create a comfortable and safe environment for all employees. You need to make sure that the workplace meets all the requirements in the health and safety code. That way, the staff is working in a habitable, hygienic and safe space free from any hazards and risks.

When designing any office interior, style and aesthetics are the most considered aspects. However, it’s essential to merge safety and healthy with these features for the best results. Here are a few things to consider when designing a simple office to meet the health and safety regulations without compromising on the style.

The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 – You’re Responsibility of Your Employer

Every employer has a duty to ensure the overall health, safety and welfare of the employees. This includes providing work systems and environments with regular training, free from health risks, reasonable maintenance of the workplace and proper storage of substances and articles. That way, the employees can access the environment safely without risking their health.

All workplaces should carry out regular risk assessments to identify and remove any risks or fire hazards present. It’s prudent to take a tour of the workplace and record any present hazards. Next, you should categorize them …

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Choose The Best Printer For Small Business Venture

With all of the many choices in printers that are available these days, it can seem overwhelming when trying to choose the best one for your small business.  In order to find the best and most affordable printers Dallas TX has to offer, it is very important to do research ahead of time to narrow down your choices and select the printer that best fits the needs of your business.  The following are some useful tips to help you do just that.

Laser or Ink Jet

Toner is used by a laser printer instead of ink.  These days they are quite affordable.  Most businesses will be better off getting a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer.  Laser printers provide better printer speeds and toner doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently as inkjets. However, if you are planning on printing on specialty paper, like photo paper, then an inkjet printer with colored ink is probably the better choice.

It is important to compare printing costs per page in order to determine which is the most affordable printer.  A printer might have a low purchase price but over the long term could actually end up being more expensive due to high ink or toner costs. To determine the cost per page, divide how many pages the inkjet or toner is supposed to last for by the price of the inkjet or toner. Then multiply that by 100 to get the figure in cents per page.  So if a toner costs $90 and lasts for 5,000 pages, then the cost per page is 1.8 cents. (90/5000= .018 x 100 = 1.8).

Dedicated Or All-In-One Printer

Along with printing, all-in-one printers fax, copy and scan as well.  Those functions might come in handy for small businesses even if you don’t use them …

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The Presentation of Alcohol needs to be Equipped with Expertise

There’s no question that having the ability to sell alcohol in a restaurant can make a huge difference in a business’s financial stability. The profit margin on drinks is high, and it’s much higher than for food. All of this is why many Texas restaurants (and bars) regard it as imperative that they obtain a TABC license before they open for business. The catch is that the permit process can take up to six months to complete, and if the permit is not on hand on opening day of a new restaurant, they can’t serve alcohol. The laws regarding this are very strict, as serving alcohol is a big responsibility.

Different Laws With Different Complexities

It can be hard to navigate all the laws that pertain to getting a governmental license to sell alcohol if you don’t specialize in the process. It’s especially hard in Texas, as different cities here actually have different laws regarding alcohol sales, and all those laws must be adhered to. Still though, if a business is to serve alcohol, they must have a permit, so the process must be dealt with. Realistically, it can often take a business owner up to six months to get a license to sell alcohol, so advance planning is definitely a must.

Experts in Licensing

Given all this, it’s no surprise that some consulting agencies that specialize in this complicated process have indeed sprung up. Yes, there are consultants who are experts in the whole TABC permit process, and because they understand the laws well, they can often streamline things to the extent that a permit can be obtained in just six weeks (though it is wise to allow three months, just in case).

Yes, bringing on a consultant to manage the permit paperwork will include some fees, but the …

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