Entrepreneurship - 5 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Discovered at the Internet Retailers Conference
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Entrepreneurship – 5 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Discovered at the Internet Retailers Conference

Entrepreneurship - 5 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Discovered at the Internet Retailers Conference

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I attended the 2010 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition at McCormick Place in Chicago from June 8 – June 10, 2010. Although I was there as a member of media, the entrepreneur in me could not resist noticing money-making opportunities to share with others. Especially in this recession. Following are five opportunities I discovered during my three days at the conference.

Business Opportunity 1: Start an Online Business

The purpose of this conference was to provide education, tools and resources for online businesses. Retail sales plunged 7% while internet sales actually increased 2% during these challenges economic times. In fact, ecommerce sales were 18.48% in March 2010.

You can’t really lose by starting an online business. You can start part-time at home with little overhead. But you must have a quality product for the right audience with excellent customer service.

Business Opportunity 2: Become a Service Provider to Online Businesses

Businesses from all over the world attended this conference. Over 400 vendors providing approximately 70 types of business services displayed and discussed their products and services. Some of the services included: web design, credit card protection, internet security, customer service, live chat for online customers, and multi-channel marketing. Visit  to learn more about the opportunities available and how to get started in this industry.

Business Opportunity 3: Become a Service Provider to Conference Organizers

There were complimentary appetizers, alcohol and beverages, massages – chair and feet, and cell phone charging. I know for certain that the massage therapists were independent contractors hired to work the conference.

Business Opportunity 4: Mobile Solutions to Internet Businesses

Most people start their shopping online with mobile phones coming in a close second. Armed with this information, figure out how to make shopping easier for customers; create applications and software for organizations; or come up with something so unique that Apple and Google will compete for it.

Business Opportunity 5: Writing, Design, Editing, Publishing, Printing

Each of those 400 companies had marketing materials ranging from business cards to manuals. They all had logos to distinguish themselves from other organizations in attendance. All of the 175 speakers needed bios, and may have other promotional needs outside of the conference. The conference materials were outstanding. Also, The Internet Retailer magazine may be open to freelance journalists.

These were just a few of the opportunities I discovered during my 2010 Internet Retailer Conference experience. I hope you use this information to consider business ideas, and to create opportunities for yourself. As you can see, you can’t depend on other people to take care of you, so it’s best to put your destiny in your own hands.