How We Found out About a Regulated Militia

When my husband came home wearing a Well Regulated Militia ball cap, I really did not know what that meant. I asked him, “What is a well regulated militia?” He told me that he had learned about it from a friend at work, and he had given him an extra ball cap that he had ordered from the organization. He wanted both of us to go online and learn even more to see if this was something we wanted to support. We are both firm believers of the Second Amendment, particularly the right to bear arms, so we dug right in to find out more information.

We both had an idea what a militia is, or at least we thought we did. Once I started reading more on the subject, I have to say I was really educated. The first thing I learned is that a well regulated militia is not comprised of vigilantes, outlaws or criminals. I also learned that they are not against the government. In fact, it is quite the opposite. They just want our government to work the way it is supposed to, the way our forefathers wanted it to work.

I also learned that being a member in a militia that is well regulated does not mean that a person is racist or sexist. They also do not promote unsafe or illegal activities of any sort. When we were finally done reading all the details on how a militia works, we both knew that we wanted to go ahead and support this organization. The best way to do that, for me, was looking at their shirts and hats. I knew that my husband’s looked good on him, so I wanted one for myself. We both got shirts too, and this is something that we are going to support for the long haul. They want to protect our Second Amendment rights, so it is an easy thing for us to do.