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specialized niche websites are a very successful way to generate a substantial income.

specialized niche websites are a very successful way to generate a substantial income.

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Experienced marketers have pretty much dominated many popular markets. Their strong hold over a particular market can make it almost impossible for others, especially internet newbies, to make any money in it.

Your aim, therefore, is to create your business in a niche market which has yet to become saturated, and begin to establish yourself and build your client base. Specialized niche websites will have far less competition, so allowing you an easier task of being successful and even becoming considered a ‘guru’ in your own right. Being able to build a good reputation will have a massive effect on your website traffic.

Choose A Niche & Provide Solutions!

Finding a niche which you can be successful in is all about finding out which problems people have and then creating a product which is either completely original, or better than your competitors.

The question is, how do you find these people and how do you discover which problems need solving.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Twitter & Facebook

A good way to discover what people need is to ask them! Perform a survey or post questions, offering a free report in return, to your contacts on Facebook and Twitter. Ask where they look for their information, how they research before buying and what catches their eye on a sales page.


This lets you have a first hand peek at what people in a particular niche are interested in. Looking through the ads at the rear of a niche or trade publication, will help you discover what is being targeted and how they are solving particular problems in that niche. This can easily give you many interesting product ideas.

A good place to start is to search for products or books which have at least 20 reviews. Using the ‘search in book’ tool offered by Amazon allows you to review the table of contents in books. You can rapidly discover what your target niche is interested in and which information they are looking for. Particularly informative are ‘How to’ books.

 and Other Affiliate Networks

You can see which solutions are already being offered in a particular niche by reviewing products which are already selling on affiliate networks. You may even be able to identify a gap in the market which you could fill. Reviewing the sellers sales page, can teach you a lot about the sales strategies which are working well for your potential target audience.

Getting Traffic To Your Niche Websites

Once your niche has been decided on, and you have created your product, the next essential step for you to build a successful business, is traffic! Your new niche websites may well look stunning, offering fantastic products which are great value for money, but without visitors nothing will be sold and no income earned!

There are two types of traffic: paid & free.