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Top Brands For This Upcoming Winter

Winter is coming and so are the outfits. With streetwear being the biggest focus in the fashion business, shaping your entire wardrobe accordingly is super important. Naturally, certain brands will have a bigger variety of pieces available, but that is generally due to the fact that they can rely on more designers and more than one collection presented per season: Gucci, for example, is the perfect example of the above statement. Without further ado, let’s break down the absolute best brands for a fire outfit.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has recently been heavily rebranded. With their new creative director Virgil Abloh, in fact, it’s clear the fact that the French Maison du Champs Elysees wants to focus on streetwear more in the near future. Virgil has confirmed that he will definitely bring more value on the matter, which is why LV is definitely a brand that should be monitored during the next couple of months.


When it comes to streetwear, the brand definitely created some iconic designs, especially when it comes to mesh trucker hats. Fall/Winter season is approaching and Gucci is moving forward with their streetwear lines. An important part of the matter is definitely related to the fact that the brand’s “Spiritismo” collection sold out last year in less than 2 days, which is why they definitely want to push it more this year.


The upcoming months will be the breaking point for Supreme, confirming the death of the BOGO or its rise to the top once again. Supreme has always been one of those brands that were focused on pure branding and that has been criticized by many multiple times. Whether if it’s for their caps, hoodies or for mens twin set, Supreme (or brands like them) will definitely be into the …

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Streetwear with a Difference

Streetwear with a Difference

Streetwear brands are slowly becoming more and more similar, and the repetition of what brands are now offering isn’t very tempting. Unless you can afford the luxury streetwear labels, it might be time to try and find something different offering street that stands out from the rest. Here’s a look at three brands that of offering statement pieces of streetwear.

les girls les boys

A brand known for both streetwear and its men and women’s loungewear options. The brand offers unique designs similar to the luxury brands from around the world, but at a much more desirable price. It has a complete range which includes graphic designs but also the more simple, tasteful garments for every occasion. They use models that are different from a regular brand which helps to highlight les girls les boys alternative style.

Ant Social Social Club

A brand that’s ironic name has helped the brand grow, even if it offers a limited range of product. Anti Social Social Club’s clothing usually provides a twist on the conventional trends, and currently, it is bright neon colours clothing which is becoming a trend with other brands. Because of its rise in demand, the brand continually changes its outrageous style but also keeps its staple pieces in-house for the everyday conventional wearer.


Similar to the previous, FPAR of a regular range of streetwear, but also their collection for anyone looking for more. Forty Percents Against Rights is the full name of the brand, and their statement pieces are used as a canvas to state their current political views with eerie messages. It a brand being constantly talked about and their style highly revolves around skate trends.

Each brand does offer the conventional streetwear you expect to see in stores, but their other range hit unique styles that …

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