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Tips for Creating an SEO Friendly Website

Tips for Creating an SEO Friendly Website

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In today’s tough competition in internet marketing and online business, every one’s business on internet is highly dependent on major search engines like Google. Each and every internet user open ups  and search for the information they are finding, very few people will reach your business on internet by direct entering your url in address bar. Hence everyone is fighting to make their site appear on first page of Google’s search engine result pages.

Creating SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly website is become must do job in present scenario. Hence I would like to share some tips on creating SEO friendly website here with you. It is okay if you create your website in plain HTML, dynamic HTML, dynamic script like PHP, manually or using any HTML designer software. These tips are going to help you in any way.

Header Tags: Header tags those are important to SEO prospects are Title tag, Meta keywords, and Meta description tag. Title tag includes the title of your page and it is the name of your page which appears everywhere your page is dynamically listed or bookmarked by other search engines or sites. Keywords used to identify the relativity of your content by search bots. Description is short information listed under the title in search engine result page. However Google is not strict on using keyword and description meta tag but the Title tag must be unique through all of your pages, keyword reach and really informative.

Size of the page: Size of the page affects a lot to your overall SEO. Every internet user want fast loading of webpage, no one has time to wait for the loading process, hence smaller the page will give your visitors faster browsing ability to surf and play around your site. It will improve the chance of more leads to your online business and will help you gain more business.

Search engine bots, scrawling your webpage also want fast execution time hence if you web page is of smaller size, there are chances that bot will remain on your site for longer period, scan and index more content and will also schedule your page for next visit to find updated content very soon. There is not standard for HTML file size but the faster the loading speed will help your more.

There is lot to discuss about onsite optimization and tips on creating SEO friendly site but you have to wait for next part of this article.