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Work Hard and Prosper Online

Work Hard and Prosper Online

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When you join the online world in the hope of being able to become rich there are a few things you should be aware of. The first and most important thing I tell my blog readers who are trying to find ways to make money free is nothing including online money comes free they must work their butts off if they would like to succeed online. When asked “how much work does it take to succeed online?” I usually respond an endless amount because when you stop working your website stats will suffer. This may be disappointing to some, but if you work hard and earn the top spot within your niche (category of website) the work load will decline. The reason for this is when you first build a website or blog you have to catch up your backlink count and content with websites that have been online for years.

Once you have your backlinks and content up with your competitors no longer are you trying to catch up you are now keeping pace. The workload to keep up with your competitors in my experience will take around 20% of the work it took to catch up with your competitors. There are some different ways to stay up with your competition and they do not always mean working hard.

The main way I keep up with my competition is through content and backlink creation. Doing this everyday at least a little bit will keep me in the first page of Google SERPs (search engine results pages). I have been thinking of ways which to beat my competition and though I can out work them it would be much easier to out think them. Through different social networking websites such as my internet marketing forum I have learned ways to brand my website becoming the authority which helps when I need links I create new content and it is automatically linked to.

Twitter is another excellent platform to learn the newest ways to market a website since I can look at those internet marketers that I admire so much. I have also been following some of the internet marketing leaders through their blogs. I really enjoy such blogs as , , and  if you keep up with these three then you will know of the top ideas coming out within the internet marketing niche. It is also a good idea to keep up with social marketing and to do this I make sure to read out everything new on . Anyway this is the best way to stay ahead or at least on the same level with your competition. Before we end I would like to suggest some courses of action if you have the time to complete these then your website will be much more successful for it. The first is setting a backlink number and following through. Personally I try to build 50 backlink each and every day using many different platforms. You should also understand that content creation drives the internet so creating content at least one article a day is a must when trying to compete online. You should also attempt to network as much as possible with the social networking sites. Personally I really try to find those within my niche and become friends in Facebook or Twitter then when I need to promote through guest post I have friends which I can count on. If you keep these basics your online marketing campaign will be a success just remember nothing comes easy it takes blood, sweat, and tears.