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5 Important Estate-Agency Marketing Predictions

Marketing has undergone some major changes, and how fast things have changed is regarded as mind-blowing. It was only a decade ago when Rightmove listed under 10% of the properties up for sale, and YouTube was still a baby, while Mark Zuckerberg was attempting to launch his latest idea known as Facebook.

Fast forwarding to today’s world and not many people would have predicted how popular social media would become along with live streaming and pay-per-click. Where you aware that when you initially launched your own agency that becoming a marketer would become just as or even more important in comparison to selling houses?

Below are my 5 predictions when it comes to estate-agent marketing for 2019:

1. The agents will start to measure ROI more closely when it comes to marketing activities.

Where the agents once claimed “brand awareness” as a goal in most of their marketing campaigns. They are starting to realise that the returns on investments are only measurable when it comes to marketing which incites responses. Whether these responses involve opt-in to email lists, attendance to events or signing up to independent sites such as instead of outsourcing work, agents are now able to attach values to responses which enable a way to assess whether the campaign was successful or not.

2. Property marketing will start to become a lot more experiential, with improved drone footage, virtual reality and high-quality videos.

Property marketing has revolutionised over the past 5 years, along with 360’ tours and professional photography now starting to become the standard when it comes to premium properties. Now more than ever, more agents will start to use property marketing in order to demonstrate superior marketing and differentiation abilities to their potential clients. Added services such as twilight photography, home staging, along with drone footage which allow the agents a way to charge higher commissions or for justifying up-front marketing fees. Aspects like Virtual Reality will also become a lot more affordable as well as enable the agents a way to market their properties when it comes to overseas and out of the area buyers.

3. Personality Marketing Will Start To Overtake Brand Marketing

It is a known fact that it is people that buy people, while this is extremely true when it comes to the industry of estate agency, whereby confidence and trust are key factors when making the decision on what agent to hire. Agents will also start to accept that trust associated with the larger brands is starting to erode, while smaller independent agents are able to benefit from this by making use of their caring personalities in order to promote and advertise their own independent statuses. The profile social photos will display a person and not a brand, while updates will start to become a lot more interesting and personal, which moves away from the industry figures and facts, and more towards community-focused and “behind the scenes” content.

4. Digital Technology Will Allow Agents To Automate Marketing Activities As Well As Systemize Lead Generation

With competition that drives down fees and tight margins, agents have started to realise benefits in automating and systemising their own marketing activities. Creating marketing funnels where every step is automated will mean the leads will be generated by well-oiled machines which run behind the scenes of an agency, which means the owner of the company can avoid having to hustle each day for more and more new leads. They can now focus on delivering better services to current clients. An increasing number of agents will start to look for the outside services in order to perfect this process including marketing coaches and agencies.

5. Agents Will Start To Embrace Live-Streaming With Facebook Live Which Will Form A Vital Part Of Content Strategy

Attention has become the latest currency of businesses. Attracting and then maintaining people’s online attention is more complex than attempting to catch collie dogs when they are in the process of rounding up sheep. In fact, your content happens to be as easy as one click of a mouse away from becoming ignored and irrelevant. But when it comes to mobile video that accounts for 50% of the data usage on mobile, predictions that 74% of the Internet traffic is said to be in video by 2017, then video may be an answer that the letting and independent sales have been in search of.