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All You Need to Know About Changing Your Radiators in the Summertime

Making Changes to the Heating System While It Is Warm

While it may not seem like an obvious idea at first, but the summer months is the most convenient time of year to make changes to the home’s heating system. From humid nights to heating technicians who are looking to keep the work coming in before winter, this article will discuss why you may want to make the heating alterations a priority before the cold nights begin to emerge.

• Heating Technicians Have a Lot of Free Time

As you may expect, the winter months are the busiest time of year for plumbers and heating technicians. These professionals not only fit new boilers and radiators but due to the freezing ground, they will have to contend with radiator breakdowns and frozen piping. All of these factors make summer a more beneficial time to take advantage of their services and gain an appointment that is more suited to your schedule – just don’t tell everyone or you may ruin the secret for all of us.

• Choosing the Exact Unit You Want

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter, you will want to find a replacement boiler as soon as possible. No individual wants to sit in the cold for longer than they have to. Therefore, it may be the case that you settle for a boiler you would not choose if given the option. However, another alternative in the form of electrical heating is just as effective in keeping the house warm until your boiler is fixed.

By planning ahead and having a heating system installed in the summer months you will have ample time to choose the boiler or radiator that is suitable for your home. This means you can concentrate on getting the ideal option in time for the winter months when you need to snuggle up with loved ones.

• You Will Not Freeze to Death

This factor is an obvious one because living without a boiler or radiator in the winter is the average person’s idea of a nightmare. The majority of boiler replacements take approximately one to three days to complete and this can be extended if you need to replace broken plumbing as well. To avoid having to live without a boiler in the freezing weather, it makes sense to take advantage of summer days to get things done. By having a heating system fixed during summer, you can remain warm and not face any disruption to daily life when dealing with this situation.

• Reducing the Risk of a Winter Boiler Breakdown

Question: why wait until your boiler breaks or is near the end of its life to replace it? A breakdown in the middle of winter will typically result in calling out an emergency plumber and this can be highly costly with the need to settle for an even more costly boiler. If you make changes in the summertime, or even just have the boiler serviced, it is possible to reduce the risk of an inconvenient boiler breakdown when the nights become longer and colder. You will also be able to save some cash in the process – a nice bonus for all people working on a budget.

• Planning Ahead and Feeling the Benefits in Your Wallet

The chances are highly likely that the thought of an increased heating bill can send chills down your spine. However, it is possible to save money and reduce the outgoing expenses by making some changes in advance and planning for the future. It is possible to save money on heating systems by having energy efficient heating units installed. The new A-rated central heating boiler, combined with energy efficient designer radiators, can reduce energy consumption by approximately one third resulting in a reduced annual gas bill. So, what are you waiting for? Even getting the boiler serviced is a beneficial idea and will save money on expenses in the long-term.