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How to Design an Office According to Health & Safety Guidelines

In most cases, typical office workers spend about forty hours every week at their workplaces. As a result, it is essential that the workplace is both safe and comfortable for everyone. The employer, in particular, has a huge responsibility towards his or her workers to ensure that health and safety standards are in place so that they are all safe and the workspace is hygienic and free of any hazards.

When it comes to design the interior of offices, the overall aesthetics and design is very important to most employers, however, it is essential that good health and safety standards are also employed. In this article, we have a list of a few health and safety factors that need to be adhered to, whenever an office is being designed to ensure it is compliant.

Health & Safety – The Responsibility of the Employer

There is a health and safety act that was passed in 1974 and the gist of it is that all employers have a duty towards all their employees to provide a work environment that is practical, safe and healthy to a reasonable degree. This means that the employer has to guarantee their safety by having certain systems in place and ensure that the workplace is free from health risks while providing proper training and storage of substances in the workplace. They also need to ensure that the workplace is regularly maintained and there are no risks to the health of their employees. This can be done by employing professional property management teams, the likes of Curchod & Co to maintain and improve the security of the employers as well as the building.

In order to determine current health and safety risks, a risk assessment needs to be done in order to find any fire or risk hazards and then remove them. In order to do this risk assessment, it is best to take a thorough walkthrough of the workplace and then write down any potential hazards that are found. These hazards should be categorized according to how risky they are such as being a high, low or medium risk. By doing this, it will form a priority list of which risks should be eliminated first in order to make the workplace significantly safer.

Light and the Effect It Can Have

One of the most important aspects of properly designing a workspace is determining the lighting. If a room is poorly lit or has lots of blown bulbs and flickering lights, then this can pose a huge risk. It can lead to accidents and even eye issues for employees. As a result, it is important to design an office that is properly lit and it is best to include lots of natural lighting by the use of large windows which is also great for employee morale and happiness.

Fire Safety

It is critical that any potential fire hazards are dealt with and reduced as much as possible. This means that there should be lots of fire safety systems in place which will ensure that employees can be quickly evacuated from the workspace in the event that there is a fire.

This means that there should be lots of fire doors which are installed in the building and there should be nothing obstructing these doors. There should also have lots of equipment such as fire extinguishers which are placed throughout the building at critical spots for easy access and usage. It should be noted that any areas such as warehouses that store flammable materials as well as kitchens, should have fire alarms as well as fire extinguishers easily available.

The Floor Plan

Next, the layout or floor plan of the office is also extremely important when designing an office space since it will not only determine your employee’s productivity but also safety and aesthetics. You should always ensure that the floor plan is in line with health and safety regulations and that everyone in the office can quickly and easily escape any fires or other hazardous incidents.

Rest Rooms

In order to have a clean and hygienic workplace, there should be a sufficient number of washrooms available according to how many employees there are in the building. The washrooms should be cleaned on a regular basis and there should be soap, water and a hand dryer also available.


There are many other things you need to keep in mind and at Spectrum Interiors, we also like to ensure that a reasonable and comfortable temperature is maintained in the office. We also ensure that there are lots of spaces for eating meals, drinking water and that there is excellent ventilation throughout the building.