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Is Website A Speed An Issue With Ranking Your Website?

The algorithms that Google uses are constant updates and changed so as to better the experience of the user. There are various factors and features that need to be considered when one wants to benefit from SEO ranking fully. One of the things you might have thought of is the website speed and how it migh

t affect your ranking. You may be wondering if the rate of the site may interfere with search ranking. To some extent, website speed has a small impact on one’s position on various search engines.

How Website Speed Affects Rankings

If you though that site speed largely affects online presence, then you are wrong. However, it does not mean the two are not related, but nor in a direct way, this is because a low ranking site might load fast. The results one gets will highly rely on the metric that one uses to measure website speed. If you look at website speed taking account the duration it takes one byte of data to load on a page; then this will be a huge factor. This is because websites that load the first byte very fast will usually have a better ranking on Google. If you take other factors into account, such as time to load the entire site, this will not affect the ranking of someone’s websites on Google or other search engines. To know more about sites speed, one can utilize the Google speed test to find out more.

The website’s speed will mainly affect not more than 1% of search engine rankings, although Google claims that it takes into account the sites speed. However, research has identified that those sites that optimize their site for speed get more traffic. With these in mind, it makes it much better for one to optimize their site to load faster.

How to Improve Website Speed?

If you are looking to increase the business website speed, there are several ways to do so. Before you can increase the speed, one needs first to know the current rate. This will let you know whether your site is slow or not. There are various tools out there that can help one measure the load times. Google speed test offers an ideal report allowing one to understand more about the site’s overall performance. Once you identify that your site is slow, one needs to implement solutions so as to have a much faster site.

There are various options to increase site speed, including moving to a faster server, optimizing your sites code and images and other techniques. One can also hire an SEO local expert to help with the optimization. In the long run, you will be able to improve the consumer experience and have higher rankings on search engines.