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Unique Social Media Ideas for Your Small Business

Coming up with new ways to stand out and distinguish your business from your competitors on social media can be tough. With millions of users, and even more millions of posts and ideas, how can you come up with something unique? The key is the way in which you define “unique”. You don’t generally need to be unique on social media, just within your industry and community. Here are some unique social media techniques you can try out for your business.

Make A Recommendation

One of the most unique social media ideas is to suggest an account for your audience to follow which may be helpful for them. One of the social media basics for a small business is to show your expertise, not to show off your own talents, but to show potential and current customers that they can trust you. However, you don’t always have to put out your own content to show your expertise. By staying connected with others in your field and sharing their information you will also be showing your trust and expertise as it demonstrates that you’re up to date on your industry speciality and want to give useful information to your customers.

Recognise A Competitor

Take the recommendation a step further and try posting something with regard to your competitors. Whilst you don’t want to promote them, you’re showing that there is nothing wrong with acknowledging something that you find useful or appreciate. This type of social media post shows that you’re not only staying up to date, you’re showing confidence in what you do and are not just promoting your brand. It’s a social media best practice to limit just how much you promote your business, but having respect for your competitors will earn you respect from your target audience.

Lighten Things Up with Inspirational or Funny Images

One thing that makes this social media campaign unique is the fact that businesses typically tend to highlight their expertise and professionalism. Whilst this is a great thing to do, it’s also important to show your personality and human side, as these can create opportunities for your audience to connect with your business. A funny image or inspirational quote that fits in with your follower’s interests or lifestyle gives you a chance to show your business through social media. If you can, try and include your logo within the image and, if it makes sense to do so, add a quick comment in with the image.

Take Notice Of National Observance Days

Did you know that the 2nd of March is national Employee Appreciation Day? Or that June is National Smile Month? There are hundreds of different awareness days and months throughout the year. Whether you’re supporting a cause, looking to lighten things up and have a little fun or raise awareness for something important, these events can provide an endless amount of unique social media posts and campaigns.

Whilst social media plays a big part in a business’s online presence and success, it’s important to let employees know the rules and regulations surrounding their personal social accounts in case certain social media posts could affect their employment. For further advice, it’s best to speak to employment lawyers or a local firm such as Manchester solicitors.